Life With Osteoporosis: The Untold Story

In June 2014, the National Osteoporosis Society launched Life with Osteoporosis - a landmark study to find out more about the impact of osteoporosis and fragility fractures on people’s lives.

3228 people took part in the survey - the biggest sample we have ever achieved for a research project of this kind.

The report has been launched and offers an unparalleled insight into the true impact osteoporosis and fractures have on quality of life.

54% of people who have fractured have experienced height loss or a change in their body shape

40% of people in long-term pain have suffered for 5 years or more

49% of people who had fractured reported having their physical intimacy affected

1 in 4 people with osteoporosis who were of working age at diagnosis have had to give up work, change their job or reduce their hours

42% said osteoporosis had made them feel socially isolated

42% of people who have experienced fractures are in long-term pain which they don’t think will ever go away. This rises to 58% when people have had spinal fractures

Hear people with osteoporosis tell their stories


Enilce Case Study


Gary Case Study


Joyce Case Study


Margaret Case Study


Nancy Case Study

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