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When the National Osteoporosis Society was first established, medical research into osteoporosis was massively under-funded. Since then and thanks to your support we have already funded 130 innovative research projects.

However, we receive a huge number of new research applications every year and to fund the very best of them, we urgently need your help.

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Research scientists

The need for research into osteoporosis has never been so urgent. It is extremely worrying that as our population ages, the number of people with osteoporosis is set to increase substantially. We need to find the answers that can help eliminate the misery of fragility fractures for those people who are likely to suffer with the condition in the future. A life with osteoporosis can be devastating. It can mean living with pain, or the fear of pain to come, every day.

Our best hope of creating a future free from fragility fractures and improving life for everyone with osteoporosis, is to support research projects like that conducted by Dr Philip Riches.

Dr Riches and his team at Edinburgh University are investigating the possible causes of osteoporosis and treatments that can help prevent unnecessary fractures. The potential implications of this study is very exciting and more detail can be found in Dr Riches’ Project Summary.

Dr Riches’ study is just one of many research projects which could help reduce the risk of painful fractures. Excellent research scientists throughout the UK are showing a growing interest in developing our understanding of osteoporosis and we need your support to ensure they can carry out this critical work.

Donate today and bring hope, not just to future generations, but to all those living with osteoporosis today.

Together, let's make it happen.

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