Certification Process

    The National Training Scheme for Bone Densitometry consists of a two day lecture course on 'Bone densitometry in osteoporosis assessment and management'.


Certification process

Prof. Francis Ring presenting the Hilary Noakes award to Ms. Claire Richards

The National Training Scheme for Bone Densitometry offers Certification in Bone Densitometry for healthcare professionals or clinical scientists who operate bone densitometry equipment in the UK.

The Hilary Noakes Award for outstanding achievement is presented to the candidate with the highest overall mark in the examination of the Training Scheme.

 Candidates wishing to achieve Certification in Bone Densitometry must:

  • Have 6 months full-time or 12 months part-time (minimum 1 whole day per week) scanning experience at the time of the lecture course
  • Be employed in clinical practice
  • Have received local training in one or more techniques of bone densitometry.

Certification in Bone Densitometry involves three steps:

  1. Attendance of the whole lecture course (2 days) 
  2. Passing the examination, consisting of three 30 minute modules – taken online at regional centres
  3. Successful completion of a portfolio of work demonstrating competence in the candidate’s chosen method of bone densitometry.

NB. Each element of the process has a fee, payable in stages (see Fees section).

Upon successful completion of all three elements a Certificate of Competence in Bone Densitometry is awarded.

Failure of exam or portfolio

If a candidate fails to achieve a pass mark for the examination they can apply to re-sit. If the candidate fails at the third attempt they will be required to attend the lecture course for a second time before being able to sit the examination again.

If a candidate fails all four sections of the portfolio at the first attempt they will be permitted one resubmission of the complete portfolio. If a candidate achieves a satisfactory pass mark in at least one of the four portfolio sections at their first attempt, they will be permitted two resubmissions of the failed sections. Candidates passing at least one section at a second attempt will be permitted to have one final attempt at the failed sections. Candidates failing all four sections at a second attempt will be advised to attend the lecture course again before having one final opportunity to submit a portfolio. In none of the above circumstances will a candidate be asked to retake the examination. All submissions must be made by the relevant deadline set by the National Osteoporosis Society.

The National Osteoporosis Society reserves the right to refuse certification to individuals who fail to meet the required criteria, at its absolute discretion.

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