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    We aim to ensure that government policy improves the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and care of people affected by osteoporosis and fractures.

All Party Parliamentary Osteoporosis Group(APPOG)

The All-Party Parliamentary Osteoporosis Group (APPOG) is an informal parliamentary group made up of Westminster MPs and Peers from across the political spectrum with an interest in osteoporosis.

Its purpose is to inform and engage parliamentarians in the challenges osteoporosis poses to their consituents and the NHS as a whole.

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National Guidance

National clinical guidance plays a vital role in advising health professionals on the measures they should take to prevent and treat ill-health. Whilst it is important to emphasise the use of clinical discretion by health professionals on a case by case basis, the development and implementation of appropriate, standardised guidance for the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and care of fragility fractures across the UK would represent an important step towards reducing the suffering and huge economic costs associated with fragility fractures.

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The Falls and Fractures Alliance

In 2012 the National Osteoporosis Society and Age UK established a Falls and Fractures Alliance in England with the aim of bringing together organisations to focus on preventing falls and fractures, and particularly to reduce the rate of hospital admission for hip fractures and falls-related injuries among older people.

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