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National Osteoporosis Society

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Financial support to people and projects is one of the ways in which hope to achieve our aims. In addition to research grants, we are continuing to develop the awards schemes we are able to offer. This year we are launching a bursary scheme to support the young scientists of tomorrow and clinicians attend key conferences in osteoporosis and bone health research.

The Charity is committed to the pursuit of new knowledge on osteoporosis, falls and fragility fractures. We aim to

  • Develop a programme of research, adding to the current evidence base to the benefit of the scientific community and people affected by osteoporosis and fragility fractures.
  • Build the talent pool in osteoporosis research, ensuring that the highest quality of research continues to be performed in the UK.
  • Encourage innovation: encourage developments in the area of osteoporosis and continue to fund innovative projects that are outside the remit of other funding bodies.
  • Engage in dialogue with professional and public audiences and encourage researchers and clinicians to communicate and collaborate with one another.
  • Help to ensure that the results of such dialogue are disseminated in a way that is accessible to all.
  • Agree research priorities and identify appropriate research partners to develop formal collaborations with, in order to support the co-ordination of the UK’s research effort.
  • Engage with other partners to persuade them to facilitate and fund the research we believe needs to be done, but which is beyond our own resources.
  • Make the most of findings from our own research.
  • Ensure that research is factored into the wider work of the Charity to encourage the translation of research into benefits for the public

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