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Falls and Fractures Alliance

Minutes from the 8th May Board Meeting

The Falls and Fractures Alliance Executive Board (FFAEB) met for their second meeting of 2014 on Thursday 8th May.  Follow the link below to see minutes from the meeting.


In 2012 the National Osteoporosis Society and Age UK established a Falls and Fractures Alliance in England with the aim of bringing together organisations to focus on preventing falls and fractures, and particularly to reduce the rate of hospital admission for hip fractures and falls-related injuries among older people.

Alliance members have signed up to a declaration and produced an action plan of their work in falls and fractures.  The Alliance is steered by an Executive Board which meets twice a year and communicates with the membership.  The whole Alliance meets formally once a year.

For more information, please contact Louise Madel by email (l.madel@nos.org.uk) or telephone (01761 473 253).



Background to the Alliance

Falls and fractures in older people are a costly and often preventable health concern. If we do not take steps now to improve the prevention and treatment of falls and fractures, the number of people affected by broken bones will rise steeply in just a few years due to demographic changes. The cost of treating and caring for hip fractures in the UK could top £6 billion by 2036.

"Falling standards, broken promises: the report of the national audit of falls and bone health in older people 2010", revealed that there is a great deal of variation in the quality of falls and fracture management across England. This prompted the National Osteoporosis Society and Age UK to host a national summit in October 2011 attended by the then Care Services Minister, Paul Burstow MP. The result of this was a joint report Breaking Through: Building Better Falls and Fracture Services in England which identifies barriers and suggests solutions for ensuring better services.

The nature of effective falls and fracture prevention and management is such that it requires many different parts of the NHS, public health and local government to work together. The Government has an important role in ensuring that there are comprehensive falls and fracture services in all areas of England. However, radical and sustainable change will only come about through the action of individuals and organisations working together locally and nationally to challenge what is wrong and to do things better.



Joining the Alliance

Any organisation that plays a role in preventing falls and fractures in older people in England is welcome to join the Alliance. This can include: 

  • Commissioners of falls and fracture services.
  • Providers of falls and fracture services.
  • Health and social care professionals who treat and care for people with or at risk of falls and broken bones.
  • Public health professionals.
  • Third Sector Organisations

For more information, please contact Louise Madel by email (l.madel@nos.org.uk) or telephone (01761 473 253).



Membership of the Alliance

Follow the link below to view all of the members of the Falls and Fractures Alliance.

FFA Membership





Falls and Fractures Alliance (FFA)

The whole Alliance met for the first time on 22 October 2013 to discuss an integrated pathway for falls and fractures.  The next full Alliance event will be on Wednesday 1 October 2014, more information will be available nearer the event.

Falls and Fractures Alliance Executive Board (FFAEB)

The board meets twice a year and communicates regularly with the rest of the Alliance.  The next board meetings in 2014 will be held in May and October.



Recent Consultation Responses

CQC Regulation Requirements

In April 2014 the Falls and Fractures Alliance Executive Board (FFAEB) submitted a consultation response on proposed amendments to the Care Quality Commission's (CQC) registration regulations, which aim to introduce fundamental standards for care.  Follow the link below to see the FFAEB's response, for more information about the consultation itself click "The Consultation".

The Consultation


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