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National Osteoporosis Society

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25 words for a breakfree future

Support our campaign and make your voice heard.


We are rallying our members and celebrity supporters to provide 25 words to tell us why people with fragile bones deserve to be heard. The call for action will help us to urge the UK governments to do more for the millions of you with fragile bones.

By telling us in around 25 words why osteoporosis needs to be given greater priority, you can help us to make a big difference to the care, treatment and support available for everyone with osteoporosis.

Your story is unique and your words can help us to convince governments that osteoporosis should be given greater priority.

We want to improve services and standards of care for people with fragile bones so that we can share a brighter future.

What should you write?

So much more needs to be done for people with fragile bones and this is your chance to get your voice heard. You could describe how osteoporosis affects you, or write about poor treatment you have received or problems you have faced.

You could explain how osteoporosis has touched your family or how it has changed your daily life.

You don’t have to write exactly 25 words – a short statement around that length is all that is needed. You can use the examples below to help you.

You could add even more support to our campaign by asking your friends and family to send their words to describe how osteoporosis has an impact on sufferers’ loved ones.

How will your words be used?

This year is a crucial time to speak to politicians and policy-makers. Very soon, decisions will be made about services and the way doctors manage osteoporosis. We will collect your responses and deliver them to the Secretary of State for Health to demand more for people with osteoporosis.

We will send copies of your responses to your local healthcare providers, asking them to provide better services for people with fragile bones.

We will use your words on our website and in the news to raise the profile of osteoporosis.

How to send your words

You can send us your words anonymously, but if you include your name and postcode we can use them to try to improve services in your local area. You don’t have to give your last name; your first
name is sufficient.

Once you have written your words, send them by:

• Emailing your name, postcode and 25 words to media@nos.org.uk
• Posting your name, postcode and 25 words to:

25 Words,
National Osteoporosis Society,

• Filling out this form and posting it to the address above:

25 Words Form


Here are some examples to help you.

"Osteoporosis affects three generations in my family – more should be done to prevent this devastating disease and to help future generations to build stronger bones."

"I broke four bones before anyone even mentioned osteoporosis. My doctor thought I was too young so I had to fight to get a scan."

"My GP doesn’t understand the effects of fractures caused by osteoporosis. I have lost five inches in height, my body has changed and it has knocked my confidence."

"Osteoporosis deserves the same attention as other long-term conditions. More and more people are living with fragile bones and the government needs to take action."



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